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Why Isn't My Manifestation Working?

What are the things that slow down your desire from materializing into your reality?


There are a few things that slow down your desire from materializing into your reality.

1. Double-mindedness

2. Living in the past

3. Always checking for movement or results in the current 3D

Let's dive in deeper.

Double-mindedness - if we are not remaining consistent in our assumptions that our desire is already done, or if we're affirming and living in the end one minute, then dropping into fear and doubt the next minute, this type of double-mindedness results in slowing down your manifestation. Your assumptions need to remain strong and consistent!

Living in the past - this is where we keep looking at or remembering the 'sad' or 'negative' stories of our past, and allowing them to dictate our current state and emotions.

You need to catch yourself, tell your mind a sharp "SSH!" or "NO!", and bring yourself back into the new version of you, who already has everything they want!

Checking for movement or results in the current 3D - circumstances truly do not matter and the current 3D is merely old manifestations playing out - they are literally old thoughts!

Live in the end result instead! Think, feel and believe the things the version of you who already has all their desires would.

Maintaining the state of already having your desire, truly trusting your ability as the Creator of your life, is the quickest way to create the reality you desire!


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