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Common Mistakes When People Start Manifesting

Do you know what the common mistakes when people start manifesting?

Let's talk about:

- What Manifestation is.

- Does manifestation really work?

- How to become a Powerful Manifestor.

- What are the common mistakes when people start manifesting



The term 'MANIFESTATION' refers to the process of transforming an idea into a physical reality. In psychology, manifestation is the process of bringing something into our physical reality by using our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

It does take a little effort to manifest, but once you understand how it works, it is relatively easy! To get what we want, we must first believe we can do it, then be persistent in our efforts, and finally engage in the behaviors that result in the desired outcomes.

By catching the FEELING of having what you want, you have landed in the assumption of the wish fulfilled and you have landed in living in the end result of what you want. The Universe always gives you what you truly embody, and you can desire it all you want, but unless you become a vibrational match to it’s frequency, it won't show up. So by continuing to connect to the feeling, and landing in the inner experience of having that money, that relationship and that abundance, you embody it and become a vibrational match to it, and it then MUST materialise for you.

Does manifestation really works?

When it comes to goal-setting, there is definitely some validity to the concept of manifesting.

You are always manifesting. whether you realise or not. Your current thoughts, beliefs and feelings have created everything you see in your life right now. So by refocusing your thoughts and energy on what you DO want, will ensure you create the LIFE you want. Positive thinking attracts more opportunities for you.

If you see a positive, waving, and friendly person in a crowd, you are more likely to approach them and talk to them than a grumpy looking one with their arms folded. Positive thoughts act as open and welcoming invitations for more opportunities to enter. When you keep your mind on the positive, you will notice more favorable opportunities. Your feelings are more positive, and you will take advantage of opportunities with greater confidence.

When you begin to recognize this, you will notice how your world changes as you become more grateful for everything in your life.

Remember that manifestation takes time!
You must put forth effort if you want manifestation to work for you.

How to become a Powerful Manifestor?

This video says it all! It helps you become absolutely unstoppable at Manifesting!

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What are the common mistakes when people start manifesting?

  1. They worry too much about when and how their dreams show up without getting crystal clear on what they truly want and why.

  2. Our job is the 'WHY' and the 'WHAT'. The 'HOW' and the 'WHEN' is left to the Universe.

  3. It can be hard to surrender to the Universe's timing. But we are not steering this ship alone, and surrendering and truly trusting the process is one of the most powerful thing we can do!

  4. Expecting instant results.


I hope you found this helpful!

If you want a little additional bonus, I thought it would be helpful if I shared the 'Manifesting Goals Guide Workbook".

This guide will teach you how to simply become the version of you who already has what you desire, so that you can become the vibrational match for it. Because when you change your inner world (what you think, feel and believe), your outer world MUST change to reflect that.


- Olga - Master Transformative Coach -

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