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The 2 Keys to Manifesting Anything!

Let's break it down real simple

Are you frustrated with manifestation because it isn't working for you?

I understand how you feel; when I first started out, I spent a lot of time wondering if manifestation was real and why the law of attraction didn't work for me.

And then I understood these 2 Powerful Keys that are vital to successful Manifestation, and everything changed.

These Keys are: 1. Self-Concept and 2. Living in the End



Your self-concept creates your whole world.

What you think, feel and believe on the inside, is reflected back to you by the outside world.⁠

If you already had your desire, you would be thinking and feeling a certain way, right? So begin to affirm these things, morning and night, to shape who you are on the inside, so it changes your outside world!⁠

For example, if you were manifesting a special person, you would change your self-concept to ALREADY HAVING that person in your life.⁠

If you did already have them you would be feeling amazing, right?

So who is that version of you?

Create affirmations based on that and start affirming every day, as of right now:⁠

- I am so worthy of love

- I am always chosen

- I am always the #1 priority

- I only attract positive people and situations who serve my highest good.

- I deserve the most beautiful, romantic relationship.

2. Living in the End

Neville Goddard says, "your assumption, to be effective, cannot be a single isolated act; it must be a maintained attitude of the wish fulfilled."

Living in the end is so unbelievably simple, if you let it be. How would you feel if you already had that which you desire? Embody this state of already having what you desire, consistently, and it MUST manifest!

This is essential to understanding how we go about living in the end. So how do we maintain this attitude?

Let's look at a special person again, and living in the end of being in a loving relationship.

We can't meditate once and affirm that we are already in a relationship, and then go about the rest of our day only paying attention to lack, to the fact that there's no movement, watching for any movement - in this latter state, we are thinking from a state of 'not yet having' this relationship.

Meditation and affirmations really are the best tools to turn our attention away from the current 3D reality to feel only the wish fulfilled.

With practice, this feeling naturally becomes our waking mood when paired with a strong mental diet.

Where you feel any resistance, or if your affirmations don't land as absolute truth, then you know you have identified limiting beliefs!

The incredible tools and techniques of NLP can easily and effortlessly release these (I am a Master & Trainer of NLP), or you can continue the affirmations until the subconscious mind reprograms itself.

Mental diet is essential to living in the end. We must control our attention, be present in our day to day lives and not be in our thoughts, analyzing how or when it will come about. Obsessing over manifesting your desire is an attitude of not already having what you desire, which is lack, and not the end we want to be feeling.


OLGA is a Master Transformative Coach and Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, TIME Techniques, Neural Energetic Encoding, and Life and Success Coaching. Olga likes to combine deep Subconscious Mind rewiring work, with Spirituality, Energy work and Manifesting to provide her clients with powerful and permanent results. If you'd like to find out if her 1 on 1 Coaching is right for you, please book a free, 1 hour Personal Empowerment Session:

Here's a must watch video that can also help you understand more about Manifestation:


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