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How To Make 2023 Your Best Year Ever!

A new year is a fresh start, another opportunity to do what you want, to realize your wildest dreams, to be financially free, and to be independent and successful while remaining humble and kind.

Setting goals is extremely important. Taking the time to consider your goals is beneficial. However, flow is important when it comes to successfully accomplishing them.


Let's differentiate goal setting and goal manifesting:

Goal Setting

  • Based on a toxic hustle culture - It's all about accomplishing for the sake of accomplishing. It is more harmful than helpful to feel pressured during the accomplishment process and to operate from the old paradigm of "making it happen." It is stressful. It's depressing and unsustainable.

  • Doesn't address limiting beliefs - The most common reason fail to reach their goals is that they never accept ownership of the process. They prefer to believe that their situations are beyond their control and that things simply happen to them.  It is a limiting belief in and of itself. To conquer your limiting beliefs, you must first develop a sense of self-efficacy: the assumption that life happens for you rather than to you. Your fate is ultimately determined by your own actions.

  • Doesn't provide sufficient space for clarity and connection. - Often, goal setting includes a lot of hollow points everything you think you want without getting really clear on what you want or why you want it. Although it is not always essential to have a depth reason for wanting something, an emotional attachment can help encourage the subconscious to bring it to life.

  • Ignore practicing alignment and embodiment. - While you're resting down to write down everything you want to accomplish, you might not be taking the time to consciously align with the energy of actually accomplishing those things. I haven't seen many traditional goal-setting rituals that consider how powerful the embodiment part is.

Goal Manifesting

  • It makes a soul-level connection with what you want to accomplish.

  • The primary focus is on achieving crystal clear clarity on what you want the coming year to look and feel like.

  • To simplify the process, release and reprogram limiting beliefs.

  • Get energetically aligned with the desired outcome and embody it to make the entire process seem effortless.

Your connections, clarity, alignment, and your beliefs around your goals really matter.

Instead of setting goals, start MANIFESTING them with clarity, connection, and alignment.

But how? How to manifest our goals?

Here are some simple things you could do to ensure that your dreams do not remain only that:

  1. Don't burden yourself with self-doubts. Believe in yourself. Know that your abilities and strengths will see you through. You have already achieved a lot. Strive to appreciate the numerous possibilities that life has to offer, and embrace that if you don't believe in yourself, chances are no one else will.

  2. Know yourself. It all starts with understanding your own weaknesses and strengths. Work on improving what you can, and compliment yourself on your positive qualities. The more you understand about yourself, the more assured you will feel. Good things will flow more easily into your life. Because once you can get started and move forward, you must first understand your current reality.

  3. Embody your goal. Don't allow any doubts to enter your mind because you've set achievable goals for yourself. Consider it thoroughly before you begin, and take a breath for reflection as needed, but keep in mind that second-guessing yourself is ultimately self-defeating. Make sure you can do what you want to do, then take the necessary steps to make it happen.

  4. Write down and record your progress. Writing down your goals drives you to establish your intended result in a realistic context, which increases your engagement with your motivations. This also makes it easier to keep track of your priorities. What you're doing is sending a signal to your subconscious mind to keep you moving forward while increasing your level of determination around your goal or dream.

If you’d like some help and guidance with this, here's our Manifesting Goals Guide Workbook.

This guide will teach you how to simply become the version of you who already has what you desire so that you can become the vibrational match for it. Because when you change your inner world (what you think, feel and believe), your outer world MUST change to reflect that.

5. Alter your perspective. Looking at things from a different angle can help you find new answers and gain clarity in manifesting your dreams and goals. If you look for it, you can find a ray of light in any situation. It's often just a matter of how we look at things and what we focus on.

6. Maintain your concentration. Your achievement is contingent on how you deal with any potential roadblocks.  Don't keep challenges divert you; instead, stay focused and continue taking steps toward your goal. Be grateful for the difficulties you face; it is often in tough circumstances that we learn the most. Instead of consciously thinking about your dreams and goals, do something. Taking action may appear to be simple, but it can be incredibly difficult. Just get started, take that first step, and be proud of yourself. You're finally doing everything you can to achieve your goals and dreams!

Here are some guides that can really help you on your manifesting journey!


Learn more about the TRUTH about MANIFESTING:


Learn how to access your full potential so you can live and lead in alignment with who you REALLY are!

At It Is Already Yours! we believe that every person has the power to reach their full potential.

Are you ready?


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