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Self-Concept Affirmations & Identifying Limiting Beliefs

Bullet-Proofing your Self-Concept is the foundation for Creating the Life You Want!

Affirmations help strengthen your Self-Concept. Your Self-Concept is who you think, feel and believe you are on the inside. This is then what is reflected back to you by the outside world!

Affirmations are also powerful because they help you identify your limiting beliefs. Let's have a look at some powerful affirmations, and I invite you to really feel into these:

- I am worthy

- I am enough

- I am beautiful inside and out

- I am perfect just the way I am

- I deserve to be loved

How do those affirmations feel in your body when you say them?

Do they bring up any resistance?

Do you believe them?

Do you feel at ease?

Or do you feel anxious?

Do you reject those affirmations?

We all know that Self-Concept is the key to creating the life you want, or manifesting anything, so it's important to get very clear on what your self-concept truly is, and strengthening it to be empowering!

The best way to do that is to see how affirmations feel in your body when you say them. The body doesn't lie. The conscious mind can, but the body will always tell the truth of what's really going on in your subconscious mind.

Whichever affirmations do not land as absolute truth, you know you have discovered a limiting belief. You also now have the opportunity to release it so it no longer holds you back!

Tips for Releasing Limiting Beliefs

- Devote yourself to your daily Affirmations.

- Be mindful of your self-talk and catch anything not serving you, and flip the script quickly.

- Write down a negative thought, cross it out, and rewrite and affirm the positive.

Manifesting can be so easy!

When manifesting, we have to be brutally honest with ourselves about how we truly feel. Only by acknowledging if something feels off, can we then make it right.

So take an honest inventory today as to where your self concept is. If it's not where you want it to be, don't worry and don't beat yourself up.

See it as a gift.

Awareness of your blocks is ALWAYS a gift!

Like I tell my clients, get real excited when you discover a limiting belief because then you can actually release it!

It is so much better than going through your life without even realising what is holding you back!

Then, once you have released the limiting beliefs and fall deeply into your new Self-Concept, the life you want must materialise in the outside world.


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Watch this video to understand more 'Self Concept' and How To Easily Change It To Empower You!


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