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Transform Your Mind, Body and Soul

Empower yourself from within by mastering your mindset, raising your vibration, and aligning with everything you need in your life. Say goodbye to old habits, unlock your true potential, and start living authentically today.

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Join like-minded Souls from around the world...

Transform your Mind, Body & Soul

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Empower yourself from within by mastering your mindset, raising your vibration, and aligning with everything you need in your life.

Say goodbye to old habits, unlock your true potential, and start living authentically today for ONLY $7 PER MONTH.

Are you tired of feeling stuck and unfulfilled??

(We getttt it!)

Do you ever...

X find yourself feeling completely exhausted and drained, with hardly any time left for taking care of yourself or simply relaxing?

feel anxious or stressed, replaying past events or worrying about the future?

feel like your mind is always racing, preventing you from fully enjoying the present moment and truly savoring your experiences?

find yourself experiencing self-doubt and negative self-talk, where your mind fixates on worst-case scenarios and potential mistakes?

X feel like your mind just won't slow down, even during your downtime, leaving you feeling tense and unable to fully recharge?

find yourself struggling to sleep or experiencing interrupted sleep due to an overactive mind?

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It's exhausting, isn't it?!

Aren't you tired of being STUCK IN LIFE?  You can continue...


Imagine joining a community of other soul-aligned beings in developing a mindset of clarity and purpose that empowers you in creating the life of your Dreams!

Say 'yes' to transformation and start living your best life today!

When you do that, here's what you receive:

✅ Unlock the hidden power of your mind and unleash your full potential! Experience profound transformation and live the life you truly deserve!

✅ Experience a life of clarity, worthiness, and excitement beyond your wildest dreams. Feel excitement for your life again!

✅ Discover the secrets to unlock unlimited freedom, fun, and flow in your life, and align to your deepest desires to achieve your dreams

Reclaim authority over your life and effortlessly rediscover the profound feelings of happiness and serenity that you have been longing for.

Attain an unwavering grasp of the art of manifestation through visualization, intuition, taking massive action, and cultivating an open mindset to co-create your ideal reality.

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Introducing a membership journey

of devotion into your Highest Self.

Life can be tough, and it's easy to feel lost in the chaos. But what if we told you that you can have a life of self-love, self-care, and spiritual practice, equipped with the tools to align and refocus when times get tough?


Take the first step towards your transformation today...



The Highest Self Activation Vault is the answer you've been looking for!

A transformational journey to anchor in practical application, providing YOU with the tools to manifest your deepest desires and live a life of greater happiness, success, and fulfillment. Don't wait for a better life to come to you!

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"I walked away from this feeling like I was finally equipped to shape my own life, my mind and my beliefs! I would strongly recommend this program to anyone!"
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Level 1 - Reawaken

Feeling disconnected from yourself and the world? Reclaim your power with REAWAKEN. Discover your subconscious, transform your life, and reignite worthiness and excitement. Picture the freedom, fun, and flow you crave. Align with your desires, uplevel your mindset, body, and energy. Find lasting happiness within. Join REAWAKEN for a fulfilling life. Start living your best life now.

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Live/Guided Meditations

Journey into your heart with self-love. Grounding, protecting and balancing your energy fields, whilst removing limitations. Find out why so many of the world's top performers and dedicated to regular meditation practice, and feel the deep connections to your spiritual and manifesting powers!

Live Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques (or EFT) is a unique healing technique, is a therapy technique loosely based on the techniques of acupuncture or acupressure. It uses the same basic energy meridians in the body to eliminate physical, emotional and mental issues. It contends that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. With a mounting number of peer-reviewed studies backing its efficacy, researchers highlight this modality for its important and unique role as both a cognitive (of the mind) and somatic (of the body) technique.


Workbooks, Journaling Prompts & Quarterly Challenges

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Workbooks will support you with keeping focused and mastering your mindset. Workbooks include journaling prompts, integrating your shadow, money mindset, crushing limiting beliefs and many more! Quarterly challenges will include a 21 day Confidence Reset, 21 day Self-Love Journey, 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge, 21 day Manifesting Bootcamp and 21 day Money OR Love Manifesting Challenge!

Live Q&As

with Olga & Ina

Ask us anything!

This is your opportunity to ask your questions, gain your clarity, go deeper into mindset, energy work and manifesting.  We will offer tips and techniques to release limiting beliefs and uncomfortable emotions that are holding you back, and ensure you are fully supported on your journey.

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Supportive  Community

Join like-minded Souls where you will feel

connected, inspired and loved within our community.

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Level 1 - Reawaken

ONLY $7 per month

- Live/Guided Meditations & Healing Activations (value $44 per month)

- Live/Guided Emotional Freedom Techniques (value $44 per month)

- Workbooks and quarterly challenges (value $36 per month)

- An incredibly supportive community of like-minded Souls (value $42 per month)



Level 1 - Reawaken

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Meet Your Co-Creators!

OLGA - Master Transformative Coach & Trainer

Olga is a Master & Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Neural Energetic Encoding, and Life and Success Coaching. With her 1-on-1 clients, she's on a mission to empower them, conquer challenges, and live a joyful life aligned with their spirituality. Together, they uncover and replace limiting patterns of thought and behavior. Olga uses affirmations, hypnosis, and other techniques to unleash their inner power and break free from negativity. She also guides them in balancing and protecting their energy. Olga teaches her clients to say no to what doesn't serve them, creating a life that resonates with their heart and soul. Through rewiring the subconscious mind and conscious manifesting, she brings powerful and lasting transformations.

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INA - Mindset Coach & Reiki Healer

Ina is a Mindset Coach and Energy Healer, trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Counselling, EFT and Hypnosis. Her goal is to empower her clients in taking control of their life, healing traumas and limiting beliefs, and creating their YES life. In her own coaching business she supports her clients in all the powerful work to bring them back to self worth, self belief, self care and self love.

Highest Self Activation Vault

Are you ready to say 'YES!' to transformation?

A membership journey of devotion into your Highest Self!

Level 1 - Reawaken

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