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When do you know you are healing?

At some point in our lives, we will require emotional healing—we all face hardships and tough feelings that must be processed.

There are times in life when pain and suffering tell us that we have fragmented portions of ourselves that need to be repaired and treated - something is out of balance, and it demands quick attention, affection, and care.

These negative signals must be addressed, and the main problem must be addressed. This can be accomplished through emotional healing, in which traumatic life experiences lose their power over our ideas, feelings, and actions.


Emotional Healing is the acceptance of all hard life experiences as well as the negative emotional reactions that result from them. It entails mastering the art of dealing with a variety of stressors. When someone is emotionally healed, the psychological pain that was bothering them no longer holds them back. There is no considerable discomfort and the emotional wounds have healed.


How's your healing journey going?

Here's some indications of 'WHEN' you are emotional healing..

  • You start observing and responding, rather than reacting.

  • You start living in the 'PRESENT' moment.

  • You set boundaries, and when people don't respect them, you know they are clearing space for those who do.

  • You are aware that you aren't for everyone. And if people don't like you, that's ok. Because those who do? Fucking LOVE you.

  • You realize your worth and INVEST in yourself!

Choosing to emotionally heal from the old familiar patterns of hurt and disappointment, followed by acceptance and awareness, is a step toward recovery. The soul is freed from emotional shackles and moves toward growth and well-being, allowing for significant spiritual development.

It's possible that there are more layers of emotional healing to be uncovered. Make every effort to live in a way that recognizes and supports your ongoing emotional recovery process. This will allow you to experience ever-increasing emotional healing, which will improve your physical, emotional, and mental health, as well as your overall happiness, life satisfaction, and connection to yourself and others.

“Healing is embracing what is most feared; healing is opening what has been closed, softening what has hardened into obstruction, healing is learning to trust life.”
Jeanne Achterberg

Start to recognize your own thinking patterns - how can you reframe and refocus them?

Watch this video :


Are You Ready to Commit And Change Your Life?

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