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Generational Trauma

Generational trauma can look like the common belief “it runs in the family”, and it is the underlying thinking of "well, my parents went through it, I went through it, so now my kids are going to go through it…". It’s so important to recognize this pattern and more importantly, that you have the power to absolutely stop this pattern.

Patterns normally require repetitive action, activity, or behaviour patterns engaged in frequently, often without giving it much thought. Much of our daily behaviour is relatively automatic, an activity that we have done so many times that it feels natural and has no extreme or immediate risk. Or it's a behaviour that we're hesitant to change because it comes with a benefit. Toxic behaviour patterns are also frequently automatic, do not always appear to be inherently harmful, and are more likely to persist due to the perceived reward.

These patterns can look like neglect, emotional unavailability, sweeping things under the rug, or even abuse or addictions, and they do get passed from generation to generation, and yes, by recognizing these patterns and claiming you and your children deserve better, these patterns can end with you. You can set an example for your children and break the cycle of general trauma.

Where these patterns/beliefs came from?

  • Painful past experiences

  • Stories from society

  • Childhood stories

  • Surrounding environment

  • Beliefs of caregivers

These patterns exist for a reason, and they serve a purpose. Don't think that it's insane, that it is unbreakable. Instead, seek guidance and assistance. There are some powerful techniques you can use to help you break those patterns. Yes! It is completely possible to break generational trauma.


Want to learn more about your situation?

book a FREE Personal Empowerment Session with our coach, to find out how we can help you break those patterns, and heal your pain to be able to move forward in your life!


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