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Biohacking is how you create the conditions of your life to "hack" your body's biology and state of being to create the best version of you.

There is nothing complicated about getting the most out of each day and designing a life of passion and purpose.

Ensure you maximize the first hour after waking and prepare to slay each day.

Here are 8 habits to make your own:

  1. Affirmations first thing while your brain is still in theta to rewire your subconscious mind.

  2. Hydrate and deeply breathe into your body.

  3. Journal - spend 10 minutes writing down your creative thoughts, ideas, and goals. Visualize and script their achievement as if already done and what that would look and feel like. Make it really juicy! This is a direct suggestion or command to your subconscious mind.

  4. Be mindful by practicing presence for a few minutes, or meditate. Set your intentions for your day.

  5. Move through your day as the ideal version of you. What does that person think about themselves, how do they feel about themselves, and how do they show up every minute of the day? How do they handle any challenges that arise?

  6. Exercise like you mean it. And be conscious of moving and stretching your body throughout your day.

  7. Before bed, Journal on your accomplishments and set intentions for tomorrow.

  8. Just before falling asleep, repeat your affirmations and visualize your biggest goal as if it has already happened. Taking advantage of these last 5 minutes before you sleep is quite possibly the best biohack of all.

"The BIOHACK to creating the life you want is to feel, think, and act like it is already yours! That it is done! You raise your vibration to attract it AND your subconscious mind actively creates it!"
- Olga - Master Transformative Coach-


Sounds too good to be true? Or like a lot of hard work? Or like it's something others can do, but not you? It's really not. You just have to choose and decide that it's now your time. And if you choose and commit to taking this transformative journey with us, we will make this journey for you a completely unforgettable one!

All your desires and dreams are within reach. It Is Already Yours! You just don't know it yet.

We offer 1 on 1 Coaching that combines deep Subconscious Mind rewiring, Spirituality, Energy work, and Manifesting to provide my clients with permanent and powerful shifts.


If you want daily inspiration to help you stay focused and motivated? Follow me on Instagram @olga_soulful_transformation. You can also get my FREE Manifesting e-Books via the link on my bio!

Get to know our Master Transformative Coach:


Master Transformative Coach

  • Master Life and Success Coach

  • Life Purpose Life Coach

  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Master TIME Techniques Practitioner

  • Master Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT/Tapping)

  • Chakra & Energy Healer

  • Reiki Teacher/Master

  • Meditation Teacher/Practitioner

  • Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Life and Success Coaching, and TIME Techniques


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