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Working Together


Working together

If you are feeling lost, struggling to find happiness, or simply lacking meaning in your life, coaching will change your life and give you purpose, just as it did mine.  You already possess every quality you need to achieve your goals, and I want to show you how to tap into that unlimited resource of potential and truly transform your life. If you are ready to take charge, learn to courageously go after what you want in life, and eliminate any roadblocks, then together, you and I will help you discover what you want and outline the steps you need to get you from your current, stuck state to the ideal YOU.  The real you, that you were meant to be!

We Combine Powerful Techniques That Create True Change

Life and Success Coaching

We will identify areas of your life that need improvement and then expertly implement strategies to achieve better results in those lacking areas.   We will also focus on measurable and quantifiable goals, such as business, financial, academic, or career-related goals.

Manifesting Abundance

Using the Universal Law of Attraction, we aim to get you to engrain the steps to manifesting anything you want. Manifesting forces you to master your mindset and become a conscious being.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is an incredibly powerful approach to personal development. The real power of your mind, language and actions are uncovered through NLP training but it’s more than just a collection of techniques. It is a way of thinking, a frame of mind based on curiosity, exploration and FUN. You will be able to effectively manage your thoughts and feelings no matter what is happening in your environment to affect you!

Meditation Practice

Why do top athletes, CEOs, serious actors and many others meditate every single day?  So to calm their mind and think clearly, so that they are at the top of their game!

Health & Wellness

- Hypnotherapy

- Quitting Smoking

- Weight loss

- Depression, Abuse & Past Trauma

- Ongoing Support & Motivation


Reiki & Energy Healing

Science tells us that 99% of your body is made up of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.  These spaced-out particles make up only a tiny portion of your mass. If your mass doesn’t come from the masses of these particles, where does it come from? Energy. Reiki, is a holistic energy treatment that has gained great respect within the medical community. It works on the body, mind and Soul

Nothing changes, if nothing changes

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