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The Most Powerful Creator
Group Coaching 

Become The Most Powerful Creator Of Your Life

This is your call to listen to that inner voice that has been telling you for so long now that "there is more to life than this".

Group Coaching helps you embark on your transformative journey in the company of like-minded Souls who co-create the safest, bravest, most supporting space to help motivate you to take charge of your life and take it to the next level. 

A 6 week group & personalised
embodiment and expansion journey
dedicated to:

-Understanding how we create our whole life with our thoughts,
beliefs and feelings
- Releasing the thinking patterns holding you back
- Activating your true essence as the most Powerful Creator of your life
- Expressing your truth freely and standing in your power to create. 

In this group coaching we will cover:

Subconscious Mind Work + Spirituality + Manifesting
= The Most Powerful Combination
It allows you to unlearn all the things the world told you you "should" do and who you "have to be", become liberated in your fullest expression and get back in touch with the real, most authentic you.

What you get:

6 x Weekly 90 Minutes Live Group Calls via zoom

Setting Up Tailored Daily Empowering Habits and Routines

Subconscious reprogramming techniques

Simple and powerfully effective Manifesting techniques

Powerful Hypnosis and Meditation

Learn to ground, balance, protect and elevate your energy

One to one personalised support through email or messaging

2 x 90 minute 1 on 1 Coaching Session with your Coach!


Your Coach:
Master Transformative Coach

Olga is a Master and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Hypnosis, TIME Techniques, Life and Success Coaching, and Mindset Coaching.  She combines these tools with Meditation, Spirituality, Energy Work and Manifesting techniques to provide her clients with the most profound internal shifts to help them all get their state of being and their lives to the next level.

Olga wants to show you how powerful you really are, and that you truly do have all the answers already within you.  By working with her, you will learn that by releasing the conditioning and programming you have developed over your life, is not only freeing and liberating, but you do step into that version of you who IS the most potent Creator of the life you dream and desire.

Olga is a  very experienced, knowledgeable and heart-centred Coach, who works from a place of love and compassion, and also loves to laugh with both her students and clients.  She ensures every session with her is deep and insightful,  that you receive HUGE shifts, and have a little fun, too!

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