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FREE Vision Board Crafting Bundle




Higher Self Activated!

Do you ever trouble with manifestations not happening as quickly or as awe-inspiring as you'd like?

This Vision Board Crafting Bundle makes it a much clearer process for you!  This process will teach you how to feel joy and inspiration every time you use your Vision Board, and it will teach you HOW to use it so that you get results!

You will learn how to speed up your manifestations by feeling the vibration of your desires, and becoming a energetic match to them.  This is how you activate your Higher Self!

When your desires feel 'real' to you, that is when you will see them in your reality, because FEELING is the secret!  

We have put our whole Vision Board Crafting Bundle into one single downloadable kit, and giving it away free today!

The Bundle includes:


  • A step by step Higher Self Activated Vision Board Instruction Guide to effortlessly accelerate your results.

  • Inspirational Affirmations to elevate your mindset and feel empowered.

  • Power Mantra Words to help you embody your Higher Self and full potential.

  • Practical, printable pictures and graphic to create your own dream reality and stay in the frequency of your dreams

So download your FREE kit today, and have fun becoming the powerful creator of your reality!


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Meet Your Co-Creators!


Master Transformative Coach & Trainer

Mindset Coach & Reiki Healer

We have 20 years combined experience with Mindset Mastery, Healing and & Manifestation.  We are most passionate about showing as many people as possible how to combine the power of their mind with energy work and the Universal Laws of manifestation to create the life they were meant to have!


Most people go through life on autopilot, living out their day to day based on what they thought they 'had to do' or 'should do'. They put their dreams on hold because they felt a little too big. or unrealistic or just not possible for them.


It’s all too easy to let time and the years slip away before we realise that we were chasing a life or goals that were never ours.


Use this FREE Higher Self Activated Vision Board Creation Bundle to start living your life by your design now, catching your happiness and steeping into the powerful creator you already are, so you can live a life authentic to the real you.

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