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The Journey to Soul Alignment: Unlocking The True Spiritual Path

In today's fast-paced world, the essence of spiritual awakening has often been lost in the clutter of complex practices and beliefs. But what if we told you that it's not about doing more, but simply about being more?  Welcome to "The True Spiritual Journey," a transformative self-paced online video course that will change the way you perceive spirituality and guide you towards the ultimate goal: aligning with your Soul.



​Align with Your Soul: Traditional spiritualists and wisdom from cultures across the globe agree – leading a spiritual life is about aligning with your Soul. It's about embracing a zen lifestyle by living in the present moment. This course demystifies the concept of spiritual awakening, showing you that the path to enlightenment is simpler than you might think.

Understand That Your Journey Begins With You:  Your intention matters, and it should revolve around aligning with your Soul, nothing more, nothing less. You can't deceive the Universe, so your intention must be authentic and deeply rooted in belief.

Understand Your Soul:  Let's clarify what your Soul is. It's not your mind, ego, or your physical body. In your earthly incarnation, you consist of Body, Mind, and Soul – an inner truth that resonates universally across cultures and eras. You already know it deep within; no further proof is needed.

Understand the Layers of Conditioning:  Your mind, represented by the astral body, acts as the bridge between your Soul and physical body. It carries layers upon layers of social conditioning, learned from birth. These layers shape your beliefs about good and bad, right and wrong, success and failure, and more. All human emotions boil down to love or fear, creating a dualistic perspective.

Embrace the Present Moment: Spiritualism emphasizes the practice of presence – living in the now, free from the confines of your thoughts. It's about becoming the observer of your thoughts rather than being consumed by them. The mind finds it challenging to dwell in the present because it thrives on duality. Yet, it's in the present moment where true alignment with your Soul begins.

Healing and Metaphysics: Spiritualism isn't just about healing past traumas or karmic debts; it's about pure consciousness. Be mindful of your thoughts, as everything else is the realm of the mind and metaphysics. You will learn that the core practice is awareness.

Practising Presence: You will learn how to practise presence, how to challenge all the obstacles that may arise and how to balance and oscillate your energy so that you are calm, focused and completely aligned to your Soul, so that you can always hear your intuition.


10 Lessons over 9 Powerful Modules: You will have life time access to this course, and each module is meticulously created to ensure you understand every step of redirecting your thoughts, feelings and beliefs to shift you into the most powerful conscious creator of the life you dream of.

Welcome video:  You receive easy to follow instructions, and a 20 page Workbook to guide you through your course.

Module 1: Introduction - The True Spiritual Journey: Easily understand what Spiritual Awakening really is.  You will fully understand what your Soul is.

Module 2: Energy and the Soul:  The universe operates through energy, vibration, and frequency, impacting your thoughts and experiences, much like the Laws of Attraction and Assumption.  Your Soul represents an undefinable metaphysical energy, much like gravity, and aligning with it involves detaching from your mind and observing your thoughts for true spiritual growth and awareness.

Module 3: Spiritual Awakening: A Spiritual Awakening triggers the breakdown of ego and conditioning, leading to a shift in metaphysical energy and the discovery of your true self, while the Dark Night of the Soul involves the painful process of shedding layers of conditioning and beliefs. Detaching from the mind is central to this journey, as it involves unlearning and returning to your true self, your Soul, through presence and intention.

Module 4: Intention: ThiJourney requires genuine intention and presence, detoxifying negative energy, and shedding old beliefs to align with your Soul and live a spiritual life. Self-care involves recognizing emotional triggers, distancing from negativity, and trusting the alignment with your Soul to detoxify and ascend to a more authentic existence.

Module 5: The Power of Practising Presence: Presence is the key lesson, emphasizing the importance of observing thoughts, staying in the present moment, and understanding that you are not your mind but a soul aligned with your true self.  Learn how to detoxify and shift your energy by practicing mindfulness, pacifying the mind through various activities, allowing emotions without judgment, and realizing that external circumstances don't determine your internal well-being, ultimately leading to a zen lifestyle.

Module 6: The Steps To Ascension:  To achieve ascension, you will learn how to prioritize detoxifying your energy by eliminating negative influences and distractions while embracing a zen lifestyle. Remain professional at work, practice presence, and focus on your well-being, taking things slowly and gently on your spiritual journey.

Module 7: Energy Oscillation: To attain greater consciousness and ascend spiritually, practice mindfulness by recognizing and releasing thought patterns and emotional triggers, detaching from the mind's tricks and complexities. Be persistent in your awareness of these patterns, label them for recognition, and let them go, embracing a state of presence and zen throughout your journey.

Module 8: Wrap Up: On a daily basis, prioritize the neutralization of your energy, align with your Soul, maintain your true intention of ascension, stay present, practice mindfulness, and prioritize a state of zen throughout your spiritual journey.

10 page Workbook: This will guide you through the course, and is jam packed with exercises and journaling prompts.


Fall In Love With Meditation

This course helps you understand the science and energetics behind different meditations, and the profound impact on your brain and state of being. Learn why CEO’s, professional athletes, serious actors and many other high performing individuals around the world are so dedicated to a daily meditation practice!

With 12 in-depth lessons and 7 powerful and beautiful Meditations, you will find the style that suits YOU best, and you will definitely fall in love with this ancient and spiritual practice.

(Value: $222)


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The total value of these 2 courses is $619, but you get them both for $397




Your Instructor

Olga is a Master Transformative Coach & Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Neural Energetic Wiring, Mindset Coaching and Life and Success Coaching.  Her passion lies in combining the power of the subconscious mind and Universal Law to help her clients heal and release their past, step into their most confident version and manifest the life they dream of.

This work provides powerful and permanent shifts because it is all rooted in neuroscience and quantum physics, and fully backed by science and research.


Most people go through life on autopilot, living out their day to day based on what they thought they 'had to do' or 'should do'. They put their dreams on hold because they felt a little too big. or unrealistic or just not possible for them.


It’s all too easy to let time and the years slip away before we realise that we were chasing a life or goals that were never ours.

The power to change our lives sits in all of us, and it can be a lot more effortless than what we may believe it to be.


By easily understanding who you really are, a Soul having a human experience, you are able to STAY in a higher state of being, effortlessly become the powerful creator of the life you do want, and to start living your life now, catching your happiness and steeping into the powerful creator you already are, so you can live a life authentic to the real you.

2 Powerful & Beautiful Courses!





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