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The Untold Truth Behind Becoming Magnetic:
Become A Powerful Manifestor From The Moment
You Experience This Shift
(And Maintain Your Power Forever)


​Reclaim Your Sovereignty: Finally know and actually believe, from your core, that you are the true source of your own power, love, approval, safety, and security as you step into your new identity as the Conscious Manifestor of Your Life, and radiate Iconic Queen Or King energy.

Irresistible Magnetism:  You will easily learn and understand how your subconscious mind creates 95-97% your life.  You will learn how easy it is to powerfully shift your current belief systems and thinking patterns to raise your vibration so that you are an energetic match to all you desire.  You will become magnetic to the people, places, and things that align with your true desires and beyond that, things you didn't even realize you desired or never could have imagined in the first place. Begin to experience unending synchronicities that show the stage is being set for you.

Embrace True Desires: Confidently embrace your true desires and make the empowered moves to bring them to life, without worrying about being perceived as selfish or arrogant.

You get to live a fully turned on life that sets your soul on fire ya know? ;)

Unwavering Self-Esteem: Develop a deep sense of self-worth, self-belief, and self-adoration that comes with shedding the need for external validation. So not only do you drop into deep self-love, you trust yourself to take charge of your life, and then you do. It becomes an obvious "of course."

This spills into your physical reality in many ways like successfully launching new passion projects, products, & offers into the world, calling in dreamy af soulmate clients, & attracting lovers who want nothing more than to please you.

Inner Stillness & Confidence: Experience a newfound sense of peace as you release the fear, worry, and anxiety that previously held you back.

This will boost your confidence and allow you to approach goals and challenges with a calm empowered mindset and an expectant energy.

Authentic Alignment: Align your actions with your authentic beliefs and values, leading to a greater sense of turned on passion, pleasure, and play in all areas of life.

Proven Tools & Techniques: You will have life time access to powerful and scientifically proven tools and techniques, that you can come back to time and time again, whenever you need to create or manifest something new or even bigger in your life!


36 Lessons over 6 Powerful Modules: You will have life time access to this course, and each module is meticulously created to ensure you understand every step of redirecting your thoughts, feelings and beliefs to shift you into the most powerful conscious creator of the life you dream of.

(Value $1,107)

Welcome video:  You receive easy to follow instructions, and a 68 page Workbook to guide you through your course.

Module 1: The Foundation; Easily understand your subconscious mind and that you are already always manifesting.  You will learn the 2 keys to conscious manifestation, and how to combine the power of your mind and Universal Law to effortlessly manifest anything you desire.

Module 2: Creating An Unshakable Self-Concept.  It is your IDENTITY that creates your whole life.  Who you think, feel and believe you are gives your mind the instructions to create the reality you currently have.  By effortlessly shifting your identity (or self-concept) into who you WANT to be, you begin to easily attract the people and situations you do want into your life.

Module 3: Let's Create What You Want: Your Goal!  Here you will learn how to get very clear and specific on what you truly desire, using the coding language of the mind (I make this so very easy for you!), and you will learn how to make this goal a reality using neuroscience and Universal Law.

Module 4: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs.  The only reason you do not currently have what you want is because of limiting beliefs, negative thinking patterns and mental blocks in your mind.  You will learn how to easily identify what these blocks are and how to release them!

Module 5: The Law of Assumption.  You will learn why this Universal Law is the most powerful of all to use for manifesting, and you will learn how to easily combine this with the power of your subconscious mind to create the life you want.

Module 6: Living In The End.  You will learn how to assume the beliefs and feelings of already having your desire, and how this "tricks" the brain to get to work to create your goals effortlessly.  You will learn the most powerful, science-backed tools and techniques to support you.

68 page Workbook: This will guide you through the course, and is jam packed with exercises, journaling prompts and all the tested and proven manifesting techniques you need.  You will learn how to tailor it all to your specific goals and dreams.  You will also receive a practical Game Plan to execute and help you stay in your power.

(Value $47)

2 Powerful NLP Techniques: These pre-recorded NLP techniques use the coding language of the mind to create deep subconscious shifts.  The first technique allows you to place your goal in your future timeline so that your mind thinks it is completed and so gets to work to create it.  The second technique allows you to release any anxiety or worry you may have around the creation of your goals and dreams.

(Value $497)

5 Meditations: These meditations will assist you to continuously embody your new states of being.

(Value $111)

1 Quantum Leap Meditation: This meditations will assist you to collapse timelines and claim your desire/s as yours.

(Value $47)

1 Powerful Hypnosis: This beautiful Hypnosis creates deep subconscious shifts, all while you relax!  It allows you to step into the identity of the most powerful creator.

(Value $333)


ONLY $997




Your Instructor

Olga is a Master Transformative Coach & Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Neural Energetic Wiring, Mindset Coaching and Life and Success Coaching.  Her passion lies in combining the power of the subconscious mind and Universal Law to help her clients heal and release their past, step into their most confident version and manifest the life they dream of.

This work provides powerful and permanent shifts because it is all rooted in neuroscience and quantum physics, and fully backed by science and research.


Most people go through life on autopilot, living out their day to day based on what they thought they 'had to do' or 'should do'. They put their dreams on hold because they felt a little too big. or unrealistic or just not possible for them.


It’s all too easy to let time and the years slip away before we realise that we were chasing a life or goals that were never ours.

The power to change our lives sits in all of us, and it can be a lot more effortless than what we may believe it to be.


By easily understanding how your mind creates your life, and using this knowledge combined with the tools and techniques in The Conscious Creator course, you are able to STAY in a higher state of being, effortlessly become the powerful creator of the life you do want, and to start living your life now, catching your happiness and steeping into the powerful creator you already are, so you can live a life authentic to the real you.




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