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Who is your HIGHER SELF?

Your Highest Self is the truest expression of you. And your truest expression lies on the other side of integrating your full self.

Your Higher Self is:

  • Your Inner Child who wants to play.

  • Your inner teenager who wants to rage.

  • Your highest version who embodies it all!

When we are able to tune into our innate joy, unleash our wild, expressive selves and connect with our intuition…⁠ We truly embody our highest selves.

Your highest self is the pure connection to your subconscious! ⁠

It’s that inner guidance that shows the deepest truths and hidden knowledge that lies within all of us. It is not separate to us!⁠

The higher self is the part of you that has not been traumatized by judgments or prejudices. It does not view life through blurry filters that is affected by past experiences (pain, rejection, abandonment, etc.). Your higher self can support you by clearing a pathway so you can attain your goals and dreams faster or more easily by showing you clarity and awareness. ⁠

The higher self is YOU, the best part of you, it is yourself at the purest level!⁠

How to prioritize your entire existence?

  • Choose to live a gentle life.

  • Decide your peace is above anything else.

  • And you remember that the love you crave comes from within yourself.

If you think that's being selfish, it's a big 'NO'!

That’s not being SELFISH, choosing YOU and prioritizing living your life on YOUR terms, is actually the best gift of SELF-LOVE you can give yourself and others around you.⁠

For YOU:⁠

- it means living in authenticity⁠

- not negotiating your happiness ⁠

- living your life for yourself, not others, and making the most of every damn day!⁠


- takes the pressure of responsibility for other’s happiness away⁠

- it in turn empowers them to feel free to choose to live their own life on their own terms⁠

Learn to check in with yourself. Yes, it takes some practice. Yes, it will feel scary at first. Yes, you will get some things “wrong.” It’s a much deeper process of learning to know yourself, becoming familiar with how your body reacts to certain situations and thoughts,, and then learning to trust what it tells you.⁠

Most important of all, make a commitment to love and trust yourself above all others. You will never be sorry for this, ever!⁠


Self-love can be manifested using the Law of Assumption!

The Law of Assumption states that whatever you assume to be true INSIDE your being, will harden into fact in your reality.

So of course, when we drop deep into self-love, the full acceptance of who we are and vibrate on that beautiful, high frequency, we can then more effortlessly attract our desires!

Here are some steps you can take to manifest self-love:

Positive self-talk: Start by practicing positive self-talk. Replace any negative thoughts or self-talk with positive affirmations. Repeat statements such as "I love myself just the way I am" or "I am worthy of love and respect."

Visualize self-love: Take some time to visualize yourself loving and accepting yourself just the way you are. Imagine how you would feel when you love yourself unconditionally. See yourself treating yourself with kindness, compassion, and respect.

Affirmations: Write down positive affirmations related to self-love and repeat them daily. This will help you to reprogram your subconscious mind and reinforce your belief in your ability to love yourself.

Practice self-care: Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. This could mean eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, practicing mindfulness or meditation, or indulging in activities that make YOU happy!

Surround yourself with positivity: Surround yourself with people who love and support you. Avoid negative self-talk and critical people who bring you down.

Forgive yourself: It's important to forgive yourself for any mistakes or shortcomings. Remember that you are human, and it's okay to make mistakes. Practice self-compassion and give yourself grace.

By practicing these steps regularly, and dropping deep into who you really are, you can manifest self-love into your life!

Remember that the Law of Assumption is a powerful tool, and you can use it to create the most positive and magical shifts in your life!


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