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The Trap of Procrastination

Procrastination is a trap many of us fall into. Figuring out why we procrastinate in the first place, and then breaking that habit can be very helpful in forming strategies to avoid it in the future!



Procrastination usually involves ignoring or delaying taking action. It is a habit that can be a deeply ingrained pattern of behaviour.

But giving in to this impulse can have serious consequences.

For example, even minor episodes of procrastination can make us feel guilty or ashamed. It can lead to reduced productivity and cause us to miss out on achieving our goals.

If we procrastinate over a long period of time, we can become demotivated and disillusioned with our work, which can lead to depression and even job loss, in extreme cases.

So why DO we procrastinate? Why do we delay taking action on what we know will help us grow in some way, shape or form?

We often procrastinate because we either have a fear of success, or a fear of failure if we do succeed.

So in this respect, perhaps better questions to ask yourself would be, "why do I fear getting what I want? What will happen if I don't procrastinate, and actually succeed, will I be able to handle it?"

We can go real deep with these topics, but just quickly, we fear failure for a couple of reasons

Fear of Failure

We may have failed before in a similar way or have experienced someone else failing before in a similar way hence, we fear, "what if I get it and fail?"

Or perhaps something was programmed into out subconscious mind when we were kids, that we aren't good enough, or worthy enough to receive what we desire.

These things make us not want to move forward with taking that action, even if we do know, that it will be in our best interest.

What's behind it, though, is a lack of belief in our own ability as a conscious creator, and that's why we fear that someone or something outside of ourselves might take our own power away.

Fear of Success

Another reason is the fear of success, which means that we fear being successful because of the identity crisis that may happen if we actually do succeed, or even our perceived worthiness of success.

And finally, we might procrastinate when we take on too much and it seems way outside of our realms of possibilities.

We may feel it's too far away or too big a goal, or maybe even a little scary, and disregard the importance of the small action we can take today which will in the end result in a deeper and more powerful outcome.

What can you do?

The thing is, this is all simply "programming" in your subconscious mind and it is mostly related to our own self of worthiness and self belief.

Most of us think things like... "can I really do this?" "who am I to go after a goal like that?" "as if it would work out for someone like me"... and then we just kinda give up

These are just limiting beliefs, and can be completely re-written into empowering beliefs that will help you move forward in life to actually achieve your goals and dreams.

And no, you're not any different to anyone else, the process works for everyone! It's not difficult and it is the most amazing journey of self discovery.

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OLGA is a Master Transformative Coach and Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, TIME Techniques, Neural Energetic Encoding, and Life and Success Coaching. Olga likes to combine deep Subconscious Mind rewiring work, with Spirituality, Energy work and Manifesting to provide her clients with powerful and permanent results.

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