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The law of assumption is a principle in Neville Goddard's teachings that states that a person's thoughts and feelings shape their reality. This law holds that an individual's mind is a creative force, and what they imagine and believe to be true will manifest in their life experiences. According to Goddard, the subconscious mind does not distinguish between what is real and what is imagined and will respond to an individual's thoughts and feelings as if they were real.

Goddard emphasized the importance of assuming the feeling of having already attained one's desired outcome, rather than merely visualizing it. He taught that the more a person can emotionally embody their desired reality, the faster they will bring it into existence. This is because the subconscious mind responds to the emotions and feelings a person has, rather than the physical realities they currently experience.

“On reflection, it happens so naturally, you begin to feel or to tell yourself, ‘Well, it would have happened anyway,’ and you quickly recover from this wonderful experience of yours.”
Neville Goddard,

To illustrate the Law of Assumption, Goddard often used the example of a seed. He compared a person's thoughts and feelings to a seed that is planted in the subconscious mind, which then grows into their reality. Just as a seed requires nourishment, attention, and care to grow, a person's thoughts and feelings must be nurtured and focused on their desired outcome to manifest it into reality. This requires discipline, practice, and a deep understanding of the power of the mind.

In conclusion, the law of assumption is a powerful principle in Neville Goddard's teachings that provides a roadmap for individuals to create the reality they desire. By focusing their thoughts and feelings on what they want to manifest, and assuming the feeling of already having it, they can bring their desires into physical reality. This law offers a practical approach to personal development and has the potential to transform lives if applied with dedication and understanding.


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