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When overcoming huge financial loss and money blocks in the past, a huge lesson landed into my body…

Money, when fully integrated with the heart, vibrates on the exact same frequency as love.

There is no separation whatsoever.

Just like love, money is a creator, an expander, a nourisher, and a protector.

It brings joy, connection, creativity and celebration.

All the qualities that make love such a worthy energy to pursue, also apply to money.

We have been taught many mix messages of what is ok and what is not ok to desire in this life.

“I don’t even care about money “ - we say, as if this sentence had a badge of honour with it.

The moment I felt this message landing for me, the separation between money and love dissolved in my mind, money became this beautiful, precious energy worth of being desired and celebrated.

I open my heart to love. And so I open my heart to money.

There is so much freedom to be found on that.

As the economic scenarios around the world continue to become more complex, I’m grounded in the knowing that there is a new way around money creation that is available for us.

A new way of desiring, generating and circulating that will bring abundance to all.

We just need to open our hearts to it.

And feel fully worthy of desiring it.

So here is some powerful questions to ask yourself and journal on:

Where in our mind, is money an energy still separated from love?

If money and love are one and the same, how would your relationship to it change?

Is there still resistance, or are you free to navigate it in pure desire?

How open is your heart these days? Are you allowing yourself to feel love, in all the ways it desires to come in? If not, why not?

Who do I need to become to fully own my desire for more money and love in my life?

I trust your power. I see your light.

There is a better way available.

And we are the ones paving the path.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.
— Nikola Tesla

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