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Everyone deals with stress, pressure & concerns in various ways, and in uncertain times, there is no right or wrong way to feel. Especially during difficult times, it's very important to step back and check in on yourself. Don't feel like you have to keep up with what other people are doing, do as much as you want at your own pace. If you're feeling exhausted by all that's going on in the world, consider taking positive steps to focus on resetting your mind.


STEP 1: Stop and take three deep breaths while consciously relaxing your body. Wherever you feel stress in your body, relax that area by breathing into it. With each breath, feel your body loosening.

STEP 2: Ask yourself: “What am I feeling right now?” Lean into the emotion and experience it fully. Are you feeling sad or happy? Resentful or grateful? Lonely? Excited? Frustrated? Peaceful? Accept that it is there and breathe love and light into it.

STEP 3: Release any negative self-chatter that may surface.

It’s helpful to continue breathing while you find self-acceptance. Breathe in acceptance, breathe out judgment. Breathe in peace, breathe out stress. Release all that is not serving you. Rewrite any 'negative' self-chatter into the positive opposite, and use these as affirmations.

STEP 4: Ask yourself: “How do I want to feel instead?” It’s okay if you’re not ready to let go of your present emotions. You might want to be angry or need to feel your sadness fully before you’re ready to move on. Remember that whatever you feel, is perfectly okay!

And when you are ready, ask yourself again how you want to feel. Then go to Step 5.

STEP 5: Take one action to feel better. If you feel lonely, the action might be to visit a friend and engage in some meaningful dialogue. If you feel resentful, the action might be to have a conversation with the person you’re feeling resentment toward and ask for what you need to be different. Or perhaps you need to stay home and nurture yourself – drop into some self-care. What usually helps you shift energy and feel good? A walk, exercise, dancing around to loud music, a nap, meditation, or even a peaceful tea or coffee in the sun? Give yourself permission to drop everything else and do that for YOU!


Start to recognize your own thinking patterns, and learn how to bulletproof your mind!

A Conscious Creator is simply aware that their thoughts, feelings and beliefs create their whole life.

They are conscious of all the things that are happening in their own world and know that it is all reflection of their own awareness.

Start to recognize your own thinking patterns - how can you reframe and refocus them?

This is when every single person can step into their power as the most powerful creator of their life.

If you are considering 1 on 1 Coaching, I invite you to book a 1 hour, FREE Personal Empowerment Session with me now.

This is a discovery call which allows us to determine what you are up to in life, what you would like to achieve from Coaching and if we are a good fit to work together.

Either way, you will receive massive clarity on this call and we will have a little fun, too!


Olga is a Master Transformative Coach and Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, TIME Techniques, Neural Energetic Encoding, and Life and Success Coaching. Olga likes to combine deep Subconscious Mind rewiring work, with Spirituality, Energy work and Manifesting to provide her clients with powerful and permanent results.

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