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Divine Awakening Experience!


"My only hope is that even for a moment, I helped you see the world a little bit differently."

I deeply resonate with this quote, as it aligns with my personal beliefs.

Throughout my life, I've always recognized the extraordinary nature of my mind, which I find incredibly captivating. I consider it to be my most alluring organ, exuding a certain allure, for those who are aligned. Combined with my innate knowing, I possess a natural ability for perceiving and comprehending multiple perspectives, both apparent and concealed.

Back in 2004, I experienced a divine awakening that I suppressed, even though it was tugging at me quite loudly! No one around me was experiencing anything similar, I couldn’t piece any research together to help me understand it, and I just couldn’t comprehend what this new view I had of the world meant.

Then in 2016, I experienced a dark night of the Soul followed by another awakening that bestowed upon me a cosmic upgrade, expanding my mental capacity akin to a high-performance supercomputer. The only way I can describe this is that ‘everything finally just made sense’, and anything that pops up in my experience makes sense very quickly. Fast forward to the present day, where my most recent enlightenment and the activation of my Heart chakra have opened up a vast realm of possibilities.

The amalgamation of ‘seeing & knowing’ has progressively aided me in exploring various fascinating subjects in my work, such as the enchantment of our Soul's Magic, the Human Experience, the realms beyond our physical existence, how to tap into our own unique power as the extension of Source, and the enigmatic Great Unknown.

I express my knowledge and experiences through my work with my clients and writing,, sharing insights that have been guided by the Divine.

My purpose is rooted in spreading the truth of consciousness, Love, and Light, fostering unity rather than division. In this process, I aspire to awaken your perception and evoke the profound wonder and enchantment that permeate our world, as well as the innate magic within you. Each one of us possesses the inherent ability to tap into this magic. After all, as spiritual beings navigating our human journey, our very existence is a testament to the extraordinary.

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