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Become The Most Abundant Manifestor!

When I first read this quote I thought it was one of the most fascinating things I've ever learned.

And I still do.

The thing is, we often forget that everything in the Universe is energy that moves and vibrates.

And when we actually live by this principle, we start to manifest effortlessly.

Manifesting more money, the house of your dreams, your perfect partner, or anything you want, doesn't have to – and shouldn't – be about hard work.Instead, when you start embodying the principle of energy, frequency, and vibration and align your thoughts, emotions, and actions with the harmonious flow of the universe…You Manifest, Attract, and Create abundance like if it was a fun game between you and the universe.

Do you want to start now?

Here are 7 ways:

  • Start by becoming more aware of the energy that surrounds you and flows within you. Understand that everything in the universe is made up of energy, including your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Pay attention to how different energies affect your well-being and the world around you.

  • Cultivate a positive mindset. Your thoughts carry energy and have the power to shape your reality. Focus on thoughts that uplift and inspire you, as they resonate at higher frequencies. Avoid dwelling on negativity, as it can lower your vibrational frequency.

  • Embrace your emotions as powerful indicators of your energetic state. Positive emotions like love, gratitude, and joy vibrate at higher frequencies, while negative emotions like fear and anger vibrate lower. Practice emotional intelligence and choose to align with higher vibrational emotions.

  • Practice mindfulness and present moment awareness. Being fully engaged in the present allows you to tune into the energies and vibrations of the moment, fostering a deeper connection to the universe.

  • Nourish your body with wholesome foods, exercise regularly, and prioritize self-care. When your body is healthy, your energy flows more freely, and your vibrational frequency rises.

  • Incorporate meditation and visualization techniques into your daily routine. These practices can help you attune your energy, raise your vibrational frequency, and connect with the universal energy field. Tip: Remember to add emotion to your meditations!

  • Pursue your passions and purpose in life. When you engage in activities that resonate with your true self, you naturally raise your vibrational frequency and attract opportunities aligned with your path.

These are my favorite and essential ways to align yourself with the unlimited energy of the universe and it's the way I've manifested my wildest dreams. (Now it's your turn!). 

Remember, this is an ongoing practice. So don't give up and keep embodying these principles until they become second nature. 


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