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7 Things That Affect Your Vibrational Frequency

(From the point of view of quantum physics.)

(art: Daniel Martin Diaz - Wave telepathy)

Vibration in quantum physics reveals the energetic nature of everything around us. As beings vibrating at specific frequencies, our feelings are manifestations of these vibrations, which can be either positive or negative in the vibrational world. )

1st - Thoughts

Every thought emits a frequency into the universe, and that energy returns to its source. Negative thoughts, like discouragement, sadness, anger, or fear, can have a boomerang effect. Thus, it is crucial to nurture positive thoughts to harness the law of attraction in our favor.

2nd - The Company

The people we surround ourselves with directly influence our vibrational frequency. Being in the company of happy, positive, and determined individuals can elevate our own vibration. Conversely, spending time with complainers, skeptics, and pessimists may lower our frequency, hindering the law of attraction.

3rd - The Music

Music holds significant power over our emotions. Songs that dwell on death, betrayal, or sadness can interfere with our vibrational frequency. Being mindful of the music we listen to can help us maintain a higher vibrational state and attract positive experiences.

4th - Things You Watch

The shows and media we consume influence our perception of reality. Watching content that revolves around misfortune or negativity can impact our vibrational frequency. Opting for uplifting and positive content can contribute to a higher frequency and a more fulfilling life.

5th - The Mood

Our physical environment plays a role in our vibrational frequency. Spending time in a disorganized and unclean space can affect our overall energy. By improving our surroundings and taking care of what we have, we signal to the universe that we are ready to receive more abundance.

6th - The Word

The way we speak about things and people can influence our vibrational frequency. Engaging in complaints or speaking negatively about others can lower our energy. Instead, choosing to avoid drama, victimization, and negative language can help maintain a higher frequency.

7th - The Gratitude

Practicing gratitude positively impacts our vibrational frequency. Cultivating a habit of thankfulness, even for challenging experiences, opens the door to more positive occurrences in our lives. Embracing gratitude can enhance our overall energy and attract greater abundance.

"Embrace the power of your thoughts, for they shape the vibrations that return to you. Let positivity be your guide, and watch the universe conspire in your favor."


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