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We commonly believe that happiness comes from obtaining what we desire in life.

Having a wonderful relationship, a fulfilling career, more free time, etc.  These things do make you happy for a short period of time, sometimes ecstatically so. However, once you've accomplished them, you quickly adjust to your new normal and begin focusing on the next goal. In general, it's a lot of work for little reward.

Rather than attempting to alter reality, you can simply pay attention to it. If you want to be happy right now, just drop the rest and start paying attention. How can simply paying attention affect your mood so drastically?

The key is to recognize how little we pay attention to our surroundings. The world becomes more real when you pay attention to it without judgment or expectation. Instead of living in a world of static, soulless objects — where things are only helpful as far as they are helpful to you — you open yourself up to a much more real, complex, and alive world.

Here are the 4 Steps to Create a Life of Joy And Abundance:

1. Choose your focus, jump in, and don’t look back.

Rather than focusing on the ‘lack’ of what you want not being here yet, jump right into focusing on only what you really do want! Trusting that what you want is meant for you, choosing and redirecting all your thoughts and feelings to what you DO want (and never to what you don’t want), and knowing that you WILL create it, will produce the results you’re looking for much faster.

2. Feel the wish fulfilled!

This is one of the greatest manifestation hacks for your subconscious mind! Dropping into imaginal acts, affirmations or scripting is the way to transform how you think and experience abundance and joy. When you think, feel and believe that your wish is already done, your subconscious mind jumps to attention and gets to work to create it for you!

3. Live in the present moment.

Being truly present in the moment, and fully experiencing what is in front of you right now, allows for so much worry and anxiety to melt away. Being still and immersing yourself in the present allows you to feel grounded and at peace. And it is in the present moment that our assumptions can be controlled – you are already what and who you wish to be.

4. Meditate at least once per day.

Getting into the habit of meditation at least once per day is an incredible habit to cement a new self-concept and state into your life. It allows you to dwell in it effortlessly. You can use one of the many guided meditations floating around, or you can simply visualize who you are when you have achieved the joy and abundance you desire – simply focus in on what you see, hear, feel, and what you are thinking when you have already achieved your dreams and goals.



If you're ready to return home to yourself and your own unique magic, I invite you to work with me.

I offer 1 on 1 Transformative Life Coaching that combines deep Subconscious Mind Rewiring, Spirituality, Energy work, and Manifesting to provide my clients with permanent and powerful shifts.

If you're ready to heal and release the past, shift your mindset and step into the most confident version of yourself, book a FREE Personal Empowerment Session with me now to find out how coaching can be tailored to you, and your needs and goals.

Olga Blias

Founder & CEO of It Is Already Yours

  • Master Life and Success Coach

  • Life Purpose Life Coach

  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Master TIME Techniques Practitioner

  • Master Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT/Tapping)

  • Chakra & Energy Healer

  • Reiki Teacher/Master

  • Meditation Teacher/Practitioner

  • Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Life and Success Coaching, and TIME Techniques

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