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Are you wondering what's triggering you?


Does it feel like you're regularly walking through a minefield and everything and everyone causes you to have a heightened emotional reaction?


It feels uncontrollable, embarrassing and annoying because you can't seem to feel at ease, happy or at peace. You don't feel anyone understands what you're going through and you're wondering what is wrong with you.


Are you wanting to feel safer and more in control of your life after trauma?


Use this workbook to STAY in state, remain the powerful creator of the life you want, and start living your life now, catching your happiness and stepping into the powerful creator you already are, so you can live a life authentic to the real you.


What we deliver in this book...


Using this guide will help you feel:

- More understanding around your triggers

-Safer in your relationships.

-Confident in navigating emotional challenges.

-Aware of whether it is YOUR trauma or if they are toxic for you.

-Capable of managing your emotions better.

-Less anxiously attached.

-More self-aware.

-Capable of self-advocating.



Identify Your Triggers Workbook

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