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In this program, we achieve MASTERY.  This is a deep dive into your mindset and belief systems, as well as your priority goals and dreams.   We will discover, release and completely rewire any beliefs and emotions that are currently preventing you from making your dreams a reality.  We will learn to master our emotions, and release any overwhelm, anxiety, stress and any other negative states.  If you feel called, we can deeply honour and heal our inner child wounds. We will step into a whole new self-concept/identity, and you will discover how to effortlessly combine the power of your subconscious mind with Universal Law to manifest the life you desire easily.  You will receive everything from the Life By Design  program as well as:

24 x 90 minute sessions every week to explore your current relationship with yourself, overcome limiting beliefs and release negative emotions.

Unlimited chat and voice-note support Monday-Thursday in between our sessions to help keep you focused and on track.

2 x personalised hypnosis to allow for deep subconscious rewiring and relaxation.  

Lifetime access to the Reawaken online video course simply explaining how your subconscious mind creates your whole life and how you can harness it's power to work for you, many self-development workbooks and energy grounding, elevating and protection meditations, tools and techniques.

Tailored Game Plan to assist you shifting into your new self-concept/identity in between our sessions so that you can become the most powerful creator of your reality.

Lifetime access to Discover Your Life Purpose, a 21-part video online course that takes you on a deep and transformational journey of self-discovery and personal purpose! We discuss the progress during our sessions, and release any limiting beliefs or resistance that may come up for you.

Lifetime access to the Reawaken Your Spirit online course bundle which includes my top  online courses, valued at $1,999.  The 5 courses include:

  • The Conscious Creator (my flagship course)

  • Learn To Fall In Love With Meditation

  • The 5 Steps To Easily Manifest Money

  • The True Spiritual Journey


Life and Success Coaching Sessions to determine and clarify your goals.


Short-term and long term goals are established, with realistic timelines and an Action Plan to ensure you achieve them.


*Payment plans available

  • Fully Integrated 6 months, Pay In Full

    Valid for 6 months
  • Fully Integrated 6 months, 2 payments

    Every 2 months
    Valid for 4 months
  • Fully Integrated 6 Months, 4 payments

    Every month
    Valid for 4 months
  • Fully Integrated 6 Months, 6 payments

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
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