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Call Your Power Back To You

Free Introduction & Meditation to Calling Your Power Back

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Our energy often gets given away throughout the different interactions we have over our life. When we experience trauma, heartbreak, fear, or negative emotions that we try to suppress, we leave our power behind in those situations- laden with guilt, shame, pain and fear. But we can call our power back to us so that we can remain in our power and so that energy remains ours.

For me, I have gone through some dark and difficult times - maybe you have too - and so I do not want energy that carries fear, sadness, or scarcity in it. This meditation includes a cleansing ritual so that I call all my power, allow it to be cleansed and made pure, and then return back to me.

Enjoy this introduction and meditation to experience how powerful you really are over your own energy.


Olga xo

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